Guangzhou PANZHONG Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, it is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in intelligent embedded devices R&D, production and sales. Our company takes to create an international high quality brand as the development goal, and we always adhere to customer demand as the guide and innovate continuously in the fierce industrial competition.

We provide our customers with high quality products, and train a dedicated team at the same time. Besides, we have accumulated rich experience in product design and development, and then have established a strong supply chain system in the industry market and good corporate brand.

Nowadays our products of intelligent terminals and customized devices are widely applied in domestic market and overseas such as USA, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc。 Our major products are self-service system, hotel check-in Kiosk, printer, copier, vending devices, top up machine, charging and recharging terminals, advertising displayers, touch screen kiosk etc。  They are more and more popular with excellent quality and fashionable design。

Of course our company is more than a kiosk and digital signage enclosure provider; we are also turnkey solution specialists。 We provide complete solutions for customers based on our unique, high quality and contemporary kiosk and digital signage platforms。 And we provide custom designs based on our current kiosk, digital signage product lines to meet customers’ requirement。

With the continuous expanding of development scale and promotion of business, we have started to use the “PANZHONG Touch” brand in 2008; With the development of national industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, we have taken commercializing intelligent self-service terminals as the main objective, and started officially using [PANZHONG Intelligence] brand in 2015, and changed the company name to “Guangzhou PANZHONG Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.”.

In July 2007, Guangzhou PANZHONG Digital Technology Co., Ltd.  was established in Buynow business tower ,Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

In August 2008 ,assets and business restructuring, started using PANZHONG Touchbrand.

In October 2008, self-developed environment friendly touch control shopping-guide kiosk which won positive market recognition.

In December 2008,  started cooperating with Taiwan GOALWE Software & E-commerce CO。,LTD。 Strategically。

In May 2009, developed big size touch-control all-in-one kiosks。

In October 2009, started cooperating with European ABM group, and exporting products to Europe.

In May 2010, relocated to Guangzhou electronic center  Dashi town Panyu district, and expanded  the scale.

In August 2010,     carried out the national O2O all-in-one solutions for chain stores and covered 2000 stores in the whole country.

In May 2011, started exporting products to Japanese market and cooperating with the subsidiary of SEGA.

In July 2011,  American marketing center established.

In June 2012,  became the hardware supplier of China Unicom and China Merchants Bank.

In March 2013,  become the hardware supplier of China Mobile。

In June 2013,  become the hardware supplier of China Telecom。

In September 2013,  started exporting products to Finland.

In October 2013,  wholly owned British company PANZHONG TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established.

In March 2014,  started strategic cooperation with Guangzhou WANXUN Company.

In January 2015, officially changed the name to Guangzhou PANZHONG Intelligence Technology Co。, Ltd。 ; started using PANZHONG Intelligencebrand.

In February 2015 , started strategic cooperation  with  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED。

In March 2015, combined a number of technology industry elite enterprise, formally established PANZHONG Technology Major League.

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, Pan Zhong Intelligence further accelerates the pace of development, develops more scientific and technological products, and produces higher quality products leading the brands to the world; adhere to customer demand as the target and  continuously innovating, meanwhile our company pays more attention to cultivate the core competitiveness, actively combines  technology industry elite enterprises so as to catch more international new technology and new trends in product R&D, and  promotes better development, adapts to the more fierce international competition.

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