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Guangzhou Panzhong Intelligent Co., Ltd Agent Rules

Guangzhou panzhong digital technology co., ltd was founded in 2007. We are an enterprise that it is devoted in industrial-grade embedded equipment research and development, high technology production. Panzhong intelligent have a good business relationship with kinds of domestic and foreign. We are good in more newest international technology and trends in the touch device research and development. Panzhong is not only a productive enterprise. We have a fashion sale team and special operation way in this line. Panzhong Intelligent make a cooperation agreement with lots of domestic and foreign that they have big power. At the same time, we will update our product with good quality and cost. According to quality and sale quantity, our Panzhong is the TOUCH KIOSK industry leader.

Panzhong have opened domestic market, at that same time, we also walk into the international market, and get the success。 Our product always export to HONGKONG, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, US, EUROPEAN etc。 Our products leave a deep impression in agent and customer。

Panzhong handle partners in honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit and common development rules, and in fair and equality attitude; and protect the system of the national market sales. We will give our full support to the agent, we hope to ensure each agent can walk into market by lower threshold. Within the contract, the agent will have these discount sale policy, as follows:

1.In the area the agent have flat channel system, and we guarantee the agent's profits space and market monopoly.

2.We will give the train and guide to technology person, and make they have a run by themselves. Let them can maintenance and troubleshooting.

3.For all kinds of sales agents will be in after confirmation area protection, distribution price, advertising, sales rebates are fully support.

4。For all kinds of agents free provide part of the flyer page, product introduction, advertising film such as helpful to the sales information。 According to the market situation, the manufacturer timely in major media and newspapers and magazines in China, to support the business cooperate with sales agents。

5. Panzhong company actively carry out network using the network media to vigorously carry out publicity and business activities. Cooperate with dealers to complete its jurisdiction by business cohesion (including local customer negotiation, project subject to tender shall be cast, etc.), and further protect the interests of dealers (note: prepare level agents can't enjoy the company transfer the rights of the local customers).

6.According to the market supply, distributors operating large, medium and small various sales promotion activity, make the product sell like hot cakes quickly; Agent according to the actual carried the market situation and ration a certain number of promotional items, such as: brochures, handbag, roll up, poster, POP art, small gifts, etc

A. Join condition:

1.Some financing ability in the advertise and touch industry and network.

2.Some experience in the advertising player, touch device, and have a person to follow this item.

3.A good sale internet and social background, and handle power in the sale ability.

4.A good commercial truthly, and clients and open new client ability and economy power.

5.A determination of development career and grasp business opportunities.

6。An honest start and work in hard work rule, obey the lawyer to run。

7.A idea to join "PANZHONG" company, and be partners with panzhong company and make a big treasure.

B. Contact:

Consult phone: +86-02034788139/ 34892076   Fax: +86-020-34892076

Contact person: Mr Zhong and Mr Feng

C. Agent at all levels:

1.Provice Grade agent: average quarterly sales is RMB1500000,first carried out is RMB200000。

2.Flake Grade agent: average quarterly sales is RMB600000first carried out is RMB100000。

3.City Grade agent: average quarterly sales is RMB300000first carried out is RMB50000.

4.District Grade agent: average quarterly sales is RMB150000first carried out is RMB10000。

5.Ready agent: No sales restrictions, no first were limited, need not pay the deposit, for 3 months of district-level agent price, but no protection, no customer resource transfer, after 3 months according to the sales agent area

All the agents, for two consecutive quarters of short sales or the transregional disqualified, the deposit will not be returned

D. The end of bonus:

All agents, upon confirmation of the absence of transregional, the company at the end of each year according to its total sales. Annual sales reached 500000, to 2% of the sales reward; Annual sales reached 1 million, to give 3% of sales incentives; Annual sales reached 2 million, to give 4% of sales as a reward. Annual sales reached more than 5 million and 5 million, 5% sales as a reward. The agent can choose gift bag or cash in the form of goods. Involves the looted products agents, company does not distribute the package, and shall have the right to cancel the agency immediately.

E. Circulation of goods:

In order to better protect the interests of the agent, the company set up by the agent have exclusive and not overlap. Agents are independent agency area (sales plan and price, etc.), but be sure to not disturb the price system of the company's products. Agents at all levels shall have the right to set up the lower distributors in the agency area, but all distributors should abide by the terms of the rock and the company and the agent agreement, it is strictly prohibited in any form of cheating customers.

All agents are only in its regional sales agent, if there are other regional circulation of delivery, must through coordination with the local agent of the company processing (24 hours), in the case of receiving formal file permissions to approved, otherwise to cargo processing

F. Warranty Provisions

Agent on the day of the receipt of the goods, to check the received goods, because the transport damaged or product quality problems should be made in writing immediately, and provide related basis, so that the company processing replacement as soon as possible。 Arrival of the goods within three days of the agent shall issue inspection report, more than three days not written submission "acceptance report", the default according to the quality acceptance of processing。

Rock all the company regulation products free replacement period of 30 days, 30 days internal product quality problems need to be replaced, round-trip freight shall be borne by the rock and the company (need to rock the recognition mode of transportation, air transportation, delivery and other special transportation, please pay the freight).

Rock series of products the company default free warranty for one year to end customers, agent special warranty for 13 months, lifelong maintenance cost。 In terminal customer special requirements of the extended warranty, rock the company will offer targeted extended warranty options。

G. The ordering cycle

Agent in favor of the company plans to produce and market sales, but also reduce operating costs, companies want the agent to be estimates, the market to make more reasonable stock and ordering period, small batch order cycle for 3-15 days commonly, large order cycle generally for 15 to 30 days; If you have any plan of software tailored, custom, cycle is extended accordingly, each agent reasonable arrangement, please order the goods, so as to avoid losses due to the shortage and the cargo.

Guangzhou Panzhong Intelligent Co., Ltd Agent Form

Fill Form Date:

Agent name

Legal representative

Request Area

Company Address

Zip Post Number





Bank of deposit

The registered capital or working capital

Product and results

First time purchase quantity



Representative signature:

1.When finished the form, pls fax to +86-020-34892076 Guangzhou Panzhong Intelligent Co., ltd, or can choose the POST.

2.Distribution application form after stamp and signature, as the agent agree to abide by all provisions of the company about the investment promotion activities and programs.

3。 Application must be accompanied by companies operating license, business license and other relevant copies of certificates and id of the legal representative

We believe: really competitive products, dealers to make money

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